2minutes on foot
from Waseda Campus

A student dormitory
for cultivating new interactions.


To International Students
(Dormitory Information)

Tokyo Student-House (TSH) has lots of international students who attend schools around Tokyo. The Japanese dormitory manager and the staff are stationed in the dormitory and they support your new life in Japan. In addition, our dormitory has good access to each school and also to many neighboring amenities. There are also many dormitories which provide meal and Free Wi-Fi services, so you can search for the dormitory that suits your needs.


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    [ Surrounding environment ]

    Waseda University Waseda Campus

    2 minutes on foot (approx. 150m)

    Waseda University Toyama Campus

    11 minutes on foot (approx. 810m)

    Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus

    19 minutes on foot (approx. 1,440m)

    Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line) Waseda Station

    1 minute on foot (approx. 70m)

    Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station

    10 minutes on foot (approx. 780m)

    Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Nishi-Waseda Station

    15 minutes on foot (approx. 1,170m)

    Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takadanobaba Station

    17 minutes on foot (approx. 1,360m)


    Each floor will have an exciting
    common living space like a playground
    that encourages serendipitous
    encounters and discoveries.

    10 + 1 common spaces for spending time in various enjoyable ways according to your mood and objective.

    For more details, please click each link.


    This is a cafe space located on the top floor where you can enjoy the rich aromas of coffee, tea and Japanese tea at the counter seats or on the sofa. You can enjoy eating the dishes you have prepared yourself in the kitchen as if you were at a restaurant.


    In this space you can read magazines and so on or continue with your research items and other assignment. If you are not feeling very motivated in your own room, you can spend some time here and you may be motivated by just being around other students.


    Before going out for the day or perhaps after coming home from class, you can relax in this space, chill on the gently swaying hammock, and feel the warmth of nature soothing your tired body and soul.


    This is a shared kitchen with an impressive pop interior where you can enjoy not only cooking meals but also baking cakes and cookies. New conversations may start from the topic of sweets.


    This Japanese-style space with a calm atmosphere includes a tatami floor, low table and Noren curtains. Enjoy drinking Japanese tea and chatting with friends here.


    This is a work space equipped with tools and other implements necessary for creative work. It can be used as a studio for personal work or the work bench can also be used to work on larger group projects with friends.


    We set a wide cooking counter, the wall of blackboard wallpaper that you can describe recipe and refrigerator. You can focus on cooking at the stylish kitchen, through the activity, and you will make friends.


    This is a learning space that you describe ideas to whiteboard, discussing and sharing ideas with different amenities. We recommend for the students who are thinking of starting own business.


    This is an usable multipurpose space where you can invite friends, watching image products, seminar, workshop, and mores so on. You may be excited by a wide screen projector.


    It’s important for your blain to rest and refresh light exercise. We are preparing exercise bike, balance ball, yoga mat, and so on.


    Big “Living complex” that combines play areas with residence. Relaxing on a couch, having fun cooking at kitchen, reading books, and playing games. A sunny day, you may feel good that inviting friends and eating breakfast at the terrace.


    *The rendering images are based on construction diagram of the planning stage. Actual product may vary. From some reasons of administrative guidance, we may change these projects including planting. Also, this image doesn’t describe a particular seas on, and furniture (couch, chairs, tables, and so on) and lighting may be changed.


    Equipped with furniture and
    electrical appliances.*1
    Comfortable single rooms
    that assumes privacy.

    You can begin comfortable and smart living without having to go through a major more.

    *1.Electrical appliances refer to refrigerator and air conditioner. *The occupied area also includes PS (pipe space).


    Monthly Payment

    Room Size



    79,000 yen ~ 89,000 yen


    11,000 yen *tax included

    Meal plan

    Free Breakfast and coffee

    Common Area Maintenance Fee

    20,000 yen

    Initial Payment

    Duration of Lease Contract 1 year 1.5 year 2 years
    Admission Fee 150,000 yen 165,000 yen 180,000 yen
    Security Deposit
    Amortization expense
    100,000 yen
    1 month rent
    100,000 yen
    1 month rent
    100,000 yen
    1 month rent
    Total Initial Payment
    (Rent , Utilities , Maintenance fee , Admission fee , Security deposit or Amortization expense)
    360,000 yen~ 375,000 yen~ 390,000 yen~

    *Total Initial Payment needs to be wire-transferred before move-in day. *The amount listed above is updated as of March 2024 and is subject to change. *If you would like to make a short term contract (less than 1 year) will be fine. Ask us more details.1.5 years housing contract is only for “School of International Liberal Studies”

    Monthly Payment

    Re-sign fee

    1-year Extension

    50,000 yen

    2-years Extension

    80,000 yen

    Depreciation(amount deducted from security deposit)

    equivalent to monthly rent (listed above)


    Description of Property


    Tokyo Student-House CREVIA WILL Waseda

    Nearby Train Station

    1-min. walk away from Waseda Sta. (Tokyo Sakura Trumu)
    10-min. walk away from Waseda Sta. (on Tokyo Metro Tozai line)
    15-min. walk away from Nishi-Waseda Sta. (on Fukutoshin line)
    17-min. walk away from Tkadanobaba Sta. (JR line & Tozai line)


    1-19-13 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 169-0051
    Google Map ( 35°42'41.6"N 139°43'08.7"E)


    RC 11stories

    Number of Rooms


    Room Size

    13.05 square meter to 15.09 square meter

    Equipment (1)

    TV jack/washstand/bath/closet/shoe box/curtain rail/wooden floor/Wi-Fi/2-door fridge

    Equipment (2)

    bed(bottom drawers)/desk/chair/AC/ceiling light/rack for drying clothes/trunk room(depending on room type)

    Common Facilities

    lobby/lounge/fitness room/multi-room/mail box/living space/terrace/restroom/EV/TV/Theater
    1. charged per use
    copy machine/vending machine/washing machine & dryer
    2. optional contract
    Bicycle parking lots:¥3,300 for registration fee *tax included
    Car parking lots ¥33,000 per month
    Motorcycle parking lots ¥5,500 per month
    ※Parking capacity is limited. Application is accepted at the front desk.

    Shared Item(free of charge)

    iron/iron board/pants presser/futon dryer/vacuum cleaner/bicycle pump/rental bicycle

    Other Features

    front desk/electronic-locked entrance door/surveillance camera


    *Important Nortice

    Before making an advance payment (30,000JPY),
    please check the following conditions.

    All of international students are required either No.1 or No.2 options.
    No1. Do you have any guarantor who lives in Japan? If yes, you can pay housing expense by monthly.
    No2. Is it possible for you to pay all the expense in advance? (1year or 2 years.)

    --Application Process

    1.Fill out and submit an application form (paper or on-line). Wire-transfer 30,000yen application fee to the bank account designated by ITOCHU Urban Community, Ltd. After the payment is confirmed, a room is reserved for you.

    Download application form here(PDF)

  • 2.Finalize the application paperwork. Wire-transfer the rest of the initial payment plus the first-month rent.

    3.Move in and get started.

    *Please visit and apply from this WEB site for new Waseda University students. https://www.waseda.jp/rlc/apply/

    --Requirement (for international students)

    1.An applicant's parent or a legal guardian is required to serve as a lessee and to sign a lease agreement. In case a parent or a legal guardian lives overseas, an applicant (occupant) is allowed to sign a lease agreement on condition that he/she is 20 years or older.
    2.A joint and several guarantor is required. A guarantor is required to be
    A) a Japanese citizen with adequate revenue, or
    B) the school an applicant is currently enrolled in.

    An applicant is exempt from this requirement if he/she satisfies one of the following conditions.
    Condition 1) The full amount of initial obligations and annual rent is paid up-front.
    Condition 2) A guarantor agency and a lessee enter into guarantor agreement. (*note) Guarantor fee, average 50% of monthly rent, is charged.

    --For School Administrators

    For Inquiry on corporate deals, feel free to call or e-mail ITOCHU Urban Community.

    *These rendering images are based on construction diagram of planning stage.Actual product may vary.*From CREVIA WILL WASEDA of going on foot is calculated as 80m for 1minute.